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Easter Meatloaf, a Goff Family Tradition

Easter Meatloaf, a Goff Family Tradition…. I know I’m my own twisted traditional person when it comes to Easter, with having kids you want to share some of those holiday memories you yourself have grown up with. I still take time and pick some of my favorite holiday memories from my youth and try to

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Lunar Eclipse, Garden Photos and my New Photography Club

Lunar Eclipse, Garden Photos and my New Photography Club… How about the Lunar Eclipse for 2014? I’m in a local photography club in Southern Oregon called Banana Belt Photography Club of the Illinois Valley. Which is going into it’s 2nd year as a club. I’ve been fortunate to see Wendy’s posts in our local community FB

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Bacon and Spinach Lasagna Roll-ups

Don’t you ever just want Lasagna, but don’t want to make a huge pan? Well I love making lasagna roll-ups because they look really fancy. I feel they add a little class to your meal, the presentation, speaks for it’s self. The rippled edges of the noodles, the oozing gooey-ness of the ricotta filling and

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Kahlua® Hot Fudge Sauce….OHHH YEAH!!

This isn’t my recipe…I can only take credit for finding it on when I was looking at recipes that didn’t have a photo linked to them. And love was born….I am not a drinker, haven’t had a drink in over 6 years……no, I’m not an alcoholic. I just chose not to drink because of

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