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Traditional Chicken Cacciatore

  Traditional Chicken Cacciatore Recipe from Maureen…is a wonderful thing. This Traditional Chicken Cacciatore recipe from Maureen permeated my house and brought my kids in, just to see why it smelled so amazing. A few weeks ago. I was making a newly published recipe on when Maureen, a friend in my local community reached out to me

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Homemade BBQ Sauce Recipe

Hmmmmm!!!! Homemade BBQ Sauce my favorite! You have to try your hand in making homemade BBQ Sauce…you won’t regret it. This recipe is a canning recipe and a great grilling sauce for sure.  The original recipe came out of a Home Canning Cook Book by Fager, however I changed a few ingredients to our liking. We

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Suicide Dogs!! The good kind of grilling recipe

 Suicide Dogs!! The good kind of grilling recipe A few years back and the last one I spent with my dad grilling for him before making the trek up to Oregon. I stumbled upon a grilling recipe that was just right up my alley to up for my guys. While that recipe was fantastic, I

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Apricot Salsa & Sweet and Sour Jam Recipe

Blog revisited from my old page….about a salsa recipe turned in canning jam recipe. About several years ago, my dad found a website called (website is no longer…what a bummer!) where it was an internet style Iron chef recipe challenge. I was super excited and joined in.  I soo tickled, for finding the website (which now it’s been disabled…no

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