About Me

Mis7upFor those that are new to this page and me, here’s my 411. I’m a lady with many talents, and dabble in a variety of things. I come from a military family background with southern roots, who has moved up to the Northwest, to live in a serene mountain lifestyle with my family and our precious fur babies. I’m a straight up country gal, who’s proud to be a mom and wife. I’ve grown up in various parts of the world and have been exposed to a diverse number of cultures while living overseas. And moved in many different states due to my father’s duty in the Navy.

Almost 9 years ago my husband Rob and I married and combine our “his & her” family into one. We have a combined 3 girls and 1 boy. Family IS the most important thing we cherish. I took a leave of absence from retail work to be a stay at home mom, learning how to cope & help raise 2 beautiful special needs children, that have become my pride and joy along with my own 2 beautiful children. After a few years of getting our children adapted to a new family lifestyle. After a while, I went back into the medical field until April 2011.  About that time, my husband was deemed medically disabled from a TBI & PTSD and so he was given a medical retirement after 23 1/2 years of active service in the Army and I became his full time care giver. And it was best for his well being, we move him back home to familiar territory where he grew up. And that’s what I did. I packed up my husband, children our pets and our life we knew and move up to Southern Oregon to live his life in a peaceful community and give him back something he really needed and we’ve come to appreciate. Retirement Life is very good. But I stay completely busy. Not a day goes by that I don’t have something to keep me running.

So in my spare time from wifely duties and being super mom, I write blogs about family, friends, food and traveling. I dabble in photography and recently joined in a small photography club in my local community.  I research and create recipes. Make custom cakes and bakery items for clients that are local to my home. And I volunteer as a Ambassador for an online recipe website called There, I can connect with social media with some wonderful people and share my love for food all over the web.

You can find me on Twitter @mis7up_ , Facebook @The 7up Experience, and on prednisone Instagram @mis7up

I hope along the way, I can share my experiences, my trials and tribulations of things I’m learning and what I can offer to others, share recipes, give advice on helpful tips & products and share some crazy and probably funny stories along the way. Because I am sure I have some funny ones. I started this website to share my love of my family, friends, food and traveling. In my adventures I’m cultivating my green thumb and teaching my kids how to garden and learn to grow fresh foods and learn to appreciate all nizagara of what our place has to offer. I hope you are along the road with me as I met new people and go new places as well as see my goofy side.

From my humble kitchen in the mountains to yours, Happy Meal Making!